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MEPCO Bill Calculator 2024 for Tariff Rates

With the regular changes in unit prices of electricity, the MEPCO Bill Calculator 2024 is used to calculate tariff rates. These rates vary based on bundles of units set by the officials, and as the usage increases, the limits are accordingly crossed. Additionally, the tariff rate in the calculator also increases with each related bundle entered. Therefore, ones who manage their usage within these limits, they can benefit from a reduction in the overall bill amount. Even crossing the limit by just one unit will be considered in the next stage.

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2024:

Apart from basic calculations, the MEPCO bill calculator for 2024 also helps you become aware of how other types of charges may apply. Yes, these are now good in amount and make confusion because they charged separately from the unit rate.

Those who have this Mepco bill calculator only need the total number of units recorded on the meter to obtain an approximation of the total bill amount. Few users believe that they can calculate this bill amount manually and there is no doubt that they can do it easily.

But again, the extra charges make a significant difference between the nearly accurate calculation and your manual one. So, in every case, the calculator for Mepco bill is useful for the best possible result.

Today is the time of advanced technology, so an app is also necessary. Perhaps, in the coming time, someone work on it, which will undoubtedly be in high demand.

MEPCO Tariff Rates 2023:

Most of population is affected by the MEPCO tariff rates 2023 because they are going out from the budget of an ordinary person. Despite the fact that these rates are lower for the minimum limit usage but in summer they are going out of control.

Apart from usage limits, the tariff rates of Mepco in 2023 are dividing in different categories whom unit rates is further decided separately. The section in the residential category is:

Again, single and three phase meters unit prices are entirely different and their usage guideline differ too.

MEPCO Residential Tariff Rates:

The minimum traffic rates are of the Mepco residential users as they are from very class. Meanwhile, govt is also trying to gave some subsidy to them. So by adding these factors they get some reasonable tariff rates on bill of electricity.

Units Limit Approx. Per Unit Price
Up to 50 24 Rupees
Above 50 and till 100 29 Rupees
Above 100 to 200 32 Rupees
From 201 to 300 34 Rupees
Above 300 to 700 38 Rupees
More then 700 44 Rupees

MEPCO Commercial Bill Tariff Rates:

Commercial users of MEPCO are charged at high tariff rates for their consumption, and they also face more restrictions in connection and usage. However, their usage slots are simple.

Peak Time Commercial Unit Price Off time Commercial Unit Price
42 Rupees 36 Rupees

mepco bill calculator

Lastly, their backbone is the agriculture users that are why bigger favors are for them.

MEPCO Agriculture User Tariff Rates:

There was a time when MEPCO agriculture tariff rates are much lesser then the residential or other commercial users. But, in recent tariff, they raise the agriculture unit charges a bit.

Below 5 kw usage Tubewell Per Unit Charges
23 Rupees 18 Rupees

For most updated tariff Rates, much better is to use MEPCO bill calculator 2023 because it has the present values. While other elements are also properly covered in it; making more perfect for you.