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MEPCO New Connection Tracking and Status Check

Those who apply for a new connection for the electricity needs can now use Mepco new connection tracking system for status check. While, mepco new connection demand notice print is an additional service of this electricity provider of the Multan region in Pakistan. They have made it appropriate for their customers to keep an eye on their new connection requests through an online platform. Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or a new renter, this information will help you stay updated. By using this medium, you can save time with smooth experience.

Mepco New Connection Tracking

If anyone has applied for a connection from MEPCO and wishes to track its progress, it provides a suitable tracking system. Yes, through the Mepco new connection tracking, all of the development is part of the status of your application. After following this guidance, you can track your MEPCO new connection:

  1. Only portal that used for this purpose is MEPCO.
  2. Look for the "New Connection" or "Track Application" section on the website.
  3. Click on the exact option to access the tracking system.
  4. Enter the required details like your application customer ID, or any other information as prompted.
  5. Click on the "Track" or "Submit" button to proceed this method.

After this, tracking system of Mepco new connection, you will be able to see if your application is under review, approved, or if any additional actions are required.

Mepco New Connection Status Check Online

For a new connection from the Multan Electric Power Company and want to check the status of your application online. Then, MEPCO is finally integrating their online system for track. These simple steps are working for Mepco new connection status check online even from your home or office.

  1. Open the site of MEPCO that is (
  2. Search for the "New Connection" or "Customer Services" section on the website.
  3. Now you can see the "Check Application Status" or similar option.
  4. Give all information which is essential to check the Mepco new connection status check online.
  5. Choose the "Check Status" or "Submit" option to continue.
  6. After this display the current status of your new connection application in front of you.

Mepco New Connection Demand Notice Fee

Before applying for a new Mepco new connection, it's important to be aware of the demand notice fee linked with the application procedure. The demand notice fee is a payment required by MEPCO as part of the new connection process. It covers various costs involved in processing and initiating the connection.

The demand notice fee is deducted by the Mepco due to some factors such as the type of connection (residential or commercial) and the load requirements. So, this fee is an essential part of the application process and must be paid for the steps forward of connection request.

There are some payment options provide by MEPCO to facilitate the payment of the demand notice fee. These options typically include online payment methods, such as online method by

Offline methods like visiting designated MEPCO offices and making the payment in person.

Once you have paid the demand notice fee, MEPCO will provide you with a confirmation receipt. It's important to keep this receipt safe as it serves as proof of payment.

In certain cases, if there are changes or adjustments to your new connection application, MEPCO may require additional fees or make adjustments to the demand notice fee.

If there are any over payments or refunds due, MEPCO will provide the necessary guidance and facilitate the refund process.

Mepco New Connection Demand Notice Print and Status

For record purpose, print the notice showing the amount you are paying and one can also use it anytime. Again there are criteria by MEPCO that used for it.

Check how your request is going:

Much needed details are, such as

By only click on "Print" or "Generate Demand Notice" alternative, one will get its copy.

The system will then generate your demand notice, which you can print for your records or future reference. Ensure that you have access to a printer connected to your device.

Checking the Demand Notice Status:

  1. From the official Mepco website, look for the "New Connection" or "Customer Services"
  2. Choose the "Check Demand Notice Status" preference
  3. Go through the mandatory details that are majorly the demand notice number etc.
  4. Now you can check by clicking the "Check Status" or "Submit" button.

The method will display the status of your demand notice, indicating whether it has been issued, pending, or any other relevant demand notice information.

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It's an actuality that Mepco new connection tracking has become easier than ever with the introduction of the online portal of status check. Before this, the record was very tough to find but this make many of stuff related to new connection very easy. And hopefully, they continue to make more improvement in it.